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The Internet of Things (IoT) is an additional tool used to monitor and control houses and the environment. It allows remote control of switches, fans, and lights through internet connectivity. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an advanced feature that assists farmers in predicting the future based on previously collected data, transmitted to cloud-based software and the Internet of Things.

Why Choose BroilerX?

Smart farming technology from BroilerX

Smart Climate Control IoT

Smart Climate Control & Automation is the best solution to enhance efficiency in your poultry farming. With IoT-based technology and connectivity to the BroilerX cloud platform, this device provides the capability to monitor and manage poultry environmental conditions in real-time over the internet.

Smart Climate Control & Automation not only ensures comfort for chickens but also represents a smart step towards improving energy efficiency in your farm operations.

AI Camera

AI Camera is an innovative solution for monitoring and managing farms in BroilerX. This camera comes equipped with various advanced features, including human motion detection and clothing color filters, enabling accurate monitoring of farmer activities and farm operations. With support for custom third-party models, the AI Camera can recognize specific activities such as chicken harvesting and feeding.

AI Smart Scale

Smart Scale is a cutting-edge solution to optimize farming in BroilerX. This innovative product integrates artificial intelligence and weight sensors, providing a smart solution for efficiently monitoring chicken growth. With automatic detection capabilities, this scale intelligently identifies the presence of chickens and ensures accurate weight measurements through integrated sensors. The intuitive user interface on the control panel facilitates access to chicken health information and weight data, while the AI camera provides identification capabilities for efficient automatic chicken attendance monitoring.

With high accuracy, AI Smart Scale helps farmers make informed decisions, while real-time monitoring provides instant access to daily weight growth data. Invest in the future of your farm with this advanced solution, enhancing the productivity and efficiency of your poultry management.

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