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BroilerX provides the best supplies for chicken cultivation, including quality Day-Old Chicks (DOC), superior feed, and a range of Medicine, Vaccines, and Health (MVH) products. With BroilerX, the success of your chicken cultivation is easier to achieve


The best supplies for poultry farm

Day Old Chicken (DOC)

BroilerX offers superior quality DOC to kickstart your chicken cultivation journey. Our DOC comes from trusted and selected vendors, ensuring strong genetics and optimal health from the start. With a variety of DOC breeds, BroilerX provides flexibility for farmers to choose according to market needs and local preferences

High-Quality Feed

BroilerX understands that feed quality greatly influences chicken cultivation outcomes. As a BroilerX partner, you'll have exclusive access to high-quality feed from 16 leading suppliers. This ready-to-ship feed is specially designed to meet your chicken cultivation needs, providing optimal nutritional intake to support optimal growth and health

Medicine, Vaccines, Health

BroilerX pays special attention to your chicken's health through our MVH products. We provide a range of medicines, vaccines, and other health products that have been proven effective. With a focus on disease prevention and good health maintenance, BroilerX MVH products help ensure that your chickens stay healthy throughout the rearing cycle

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