Quality and Fresh Food Security Solutions

BroilerX provides a solution for food security as a provider of fresh and frozen chicken carcasses with guaranteed quality and halal certification. The carcasses come from chickens that we cultivate ourselves along with our partner farmers with a digitally integrated system supported by smart farming technology. Our products include chicken carcasses and derivative products such as thigh parts, boneless cuts, by-products, and more

Variety of Products for Your Needs

Providing a complete range of chicken and egg products from carcasses to ready-to-eat.

Premium Chicken and Eggs

Quality-certified chicken products at competitive prices for your daily needs.

Chicken Carcass

  • Size 0.6-1.7 per pack
  • Fresh and frozen carcass chicken without head, offal, and feet, cut in a halal and hygienic manner, packaged using company-labeled plastic or can also serve unlabeled plastic

Premium Eggs

    Custom Parting Chicken

    • Fresh and frozen carcass chicken cut into parts according to customer requests, packaged using company-labeled plastic certified as halal and NKV

    Breast Parting

    • Weight per piece 0.7-1 kg
    • Whole chicken breast portions cut in a halal and hygienic manner

    Boneless Thigh

    • Weight per piece 100-200 g
    • Thigh portion complete with skin boneless cut in a halal and hygienic manner

    Boneless Breast

    • Weight per piece 500-700 g
    • Boneless breast portion complete with skin cut in a halal and hygienic manner

    Get the freshest and highest quality chicken and eggs!

    Unlock the potential of your farm with comprehensive solutions and full support from the BroilerX team.