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Funding For Farming & House Upgrading

Funding For Farming & House Upgrading

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Smart Farming Technology

An integrated digital system supported by smart farming technology to manage farm data comprehensively, covering everything from feed, housing, and farm attendants to monitoring the entire process from DOC in to harvest time.

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Chicken & Eggs

BroilerX offers food security solutions as a provider of certified halal quality chicken and eggs.

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Poultry Input

BroilerX acts as a supplier for the needs of farmers, where these needs are obtained from companies partnered with BroilerX and distributed to the farmers.

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What do partners say about BroilerX

The BroilerX App helps me when I need to check the cage without having to go back and forth to the cage. It really helps me, especially when I'm doing other activities.

Bu Ismi

Farmer area Malang, unit Malang

BroilerX offers a closer experience with PPL. The reason I joined BroilerX is also because of the good communication between the partnership and the farmer, so I get more guidance in farming.

Bu Sri Handayani

Farmer Wonogiri

I am happy to join BroilerX because I get good quality DOC and I am very helped by the extra attention from PPL.

Mas Shidiq

Farmer area Pemalang, Unit Tegal

Using the BroilerX App, monitoring and recording daily becomes easier, organized, and more efficient.

Mba Dinda

Farmer area Magetan, unit Madiun

Partnering with BroilerX, I feel assured by the contract and the exceptional DOC. Not only that, but the supplied poultry input is always of high quality. I am very optimistic that BroilerX will continue to innovate and improve services for a brighter future for us farmers

Pak Tri

Farmer Area Magetan, Unit Madiun

BroilerX has good quality poultry input with a great contract. In addition, the presence of PPL and Unit Heads who directly meet farmers is an advantage when partnering with BroilerX.

Pak Umar

Farmer area Madiun, Unit Madiun

From good DOC, supported by a great and beneficial contract for me as a farmer. Partnering with BroilerX is the right choice for me.

Pak Wono

Farmer Area Banjarnegara, Unit Purwokerto

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